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This template makes it easy to have content that can be switched by user-clicked buttons. Only the first "box" is shown, and all others are hidden, until they are clicked on.


Parameter Mandatory Default Purpose Detailed description
1 Yes Title 1 Title of the first "box" of content.
2 Yes Content 1 Content of the first "box".
3 Yes Title 2 Title of the second "box" of content.
4 Yes Content 2 Content of the second "box".
5, 7, 9 No Title 3 to 5 Title of the third to fifth "boxes" of content.
6, 8, 10 No Content 3 to 5 Content of the third to fifth "boxes".
showall No Show all boxes If this has a value, like "y", all boxes are shown by nature, but hidden when the script starts. This is useful for readers who do not have Javascript running, as they can then see all boxes one right after the other (this is because the buttons need Javascript to work).


{{switchable | <title 1> | <content 1> | <title 2> | <content 2> | <title 3> | <content 3> | <title 4> | <content 4> | <title 5> | <content 5> | showall=<show all>}}


Code Result
{{switchable|Red|Red Pikmin|Yellow|Yellow Pikmin}}

Red Pikmin

{{switchable|Red|Red Onion|Yellow|Yellow Onion|Blue|Blue Onion}}

Red Onion