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Hi!This is my userpage.I hope you like it here.


Favorite soda:Coke

Favorite animal:Cat

Favorite book series:Harry Potter

Favorite food:Spaghetti

Favorite Pikmin colour:It's difficult to decide.Either Purple or Blue.

Favorite Boss:Titan Dweevil

Favorite normal enemy:Orange Spotty Bulborb

Some favorite pictures...

Note:I did not make these;I found them off Google.


Aw!Cute,fat lil' pikmin!


I..Have Pikmin 1.But I really haven't played it at all.I direct all my attention to Pikmin 2...Which I also didn't play very hard when it first came out.Oh well.I've started playing recently obviously.At least Pikmin 2.And I beat the Titan Dweevil a couple weeks ago!YAY!Anway,I encountered this guy in Pikmin 2,obviously.And he OWNS.


It's difficult to imagine how bittersweet,sad,and dark the life of a Bulbmin must be.That's all I have to say.


Well,that's BlossomPikmin,AKA BlueLake,and I'm outta here! --BlueLake 10:49, 6 September 2007 (UTC)