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I've been playing Pikmin since the first game. My favorite color of Pikmin is blue, am REALLY experienced, and love to draw the characters. I'm an artist.


I'll only tell you I'm female. I also hate edit wars. Bring out your dead!

Why Blue?

It's my favorite color. I also like water, so I'm alike to them that way. I also love the way they rescue drowning Pikmin without hesitation. Plus I eat fruit salad every day. Yummy yummy

Gatling Groink Glitch?

I was in the Wistful Wild when I heard the footsteps of the Gatling Groink nearby. I still let the Pikmin continue with their businuess, when I was ambushed by the biomechanical beast. I tried to get the Pikmin back in their Onions but we were too close to the landing site and it followed. During the battle it shot some of my Pikmin, but none of the Pikmin died. During the rest of the day I lost no Pikmin. When the day ended I found a glitch! To learn about what the glitch does, go to [[Gatling Groink Glitch]].

Other Wikia Names

  • Wikipedia = BlueDragonLegends
  • Dragopedia = BlueDragonRokku
  • Mega Man Wikia = BlueDragonClassic
  • Bulbapedia = ShinyBlueHoundoom

A Neat Trick

In Pikmin 2, try to help your pikmin beat enemies after you petrify them or send them down to the ground. Helping your squad really cuts the time it takes to kill it.