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A Little About Me

Yes. I am Brittany, from Miiverse, a name recently given to me by friends of a friend. I had an old wikia account that died, or wandered away, might have been eaten by a Bulborb, come to think of it. If you remember Paradoxical Enigma, that was me :D

I'm mainly known as just Brittany nowadays or on YouTube as MantisFan Games (Hey, if you could check my channel out, that'd be awesome!)

I do in fact, have a Miiverse (shocker, I know). That's where I started online, and where I mainly spend my time whenever I go on the internet. If you'd like to see that, check out this link:  


What I do on the Wiki

Something everyone should know about me is that I'm a grammar freak. I can spot spelling and itty bitty grammar errors a mile away. So that's what I do: fix grammar, spelling, tense issues, plural/posessive problems, you name it, I fix it. 

2P Battle Pages...

I recently took a look at the (Pikmin 2) 2P battle pages, and those are a wreck. Another goal of mine is to see those pages clean, similarly formatted, and readable. Anyone interested in doing the Wiki a favor should invest some time in those pages. They need a little TLC. 

Plants Page

I've began a sort of "Pikmin Snap" in the games, gathering screenshots to put in the new plants page. Once I get those, there should be an adequate amount of photos in that page, but it's a process that may take a while.

When I'm not on the Wiki...

I may not be on the Wiki too often (I know I know, I need to get on here more) but when I'm not on you can bet I'm doing something Pikmin related. From theorizing to fan art and cosplay, I've done it ALL. I'm mainly focusing on gaining some traction with my Youtube channel right now, so I've kicked my theorizing into high gear.

And if I'm not doing somethign Pikmin related... Well. There's something called school, theater, and work.

Pikmin and Me

I was raised a Nintendo gamer, one day, recently after my beloved GameCube made its way into my life, my parents brought home a humble looking game called Pikmin. I was way too little to play it well, but when I did play, I loved it! Those little guys have been a part of my life ever since!  I own all three of the games, 1 and 2 being for the GameCube (personally I think the New Play Controls! felt like cheating, has anyone seen the whistle and throwing range in those ones?!)

I also have some of the Japanese E-Reader Pikmin cards, and an E-Reader, but a magical thing called region locking decided to rain on my parade, so now I just look at them hopelessly instead of playing Pikmin Minigames on my Gameboy.

Well. That's about all I've got to say for now. Maybe I'll put an idea for another Pikmin game if I can come up with a half decent one.