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Hello. I named myself "Bulbmin are Best" because they really are. They're immune to everything and come free in caves-never mind that.I joined pikipedia because Pikmin2 is the best GameCube game ever.My favorite Pikmin has to be the Red, because they are the first you find in Pikmin and Pikmin2.If Bulbmin counted as pikmin,they would be my favorite(OF COURSE!). Just to remind you, thee first time you go into a cave, only take one blue pikmin down, for if you bring too many, you will be unprepared and the pikmin may get eaten, squashed, burned, poisoned, dwrowned, suffocated, exploded, or taken into a Breadbug's Hole(For the poor Pikmin's sake, please don't put your Pikmin in danger!).

                            ~Bulbmin are Best

P.S.Emperor Bulblaxes are very ugly.

P.S.S.Segmented Crawbsters are the weirdest creatures in the entire game.

Aren't They Cute!