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12-20-10 Brown Bluborb: Wander around a limited area. If whistled at they will run to your side. They are plant eaters (seeable by square teeth.). They are also invincible to pikmin attacks. The ship (Or any other new, talking ship) will say this, (Close up and music) "Wait Olimar! Stop what you are doing! Look at that bulborbs teeth! By the looks of it, i'd say that it only eats plants! It looks a little board. Try talking to it with your Bulborb Suit!" Once your in and talk to it it will say, "Hi, you look peppy, you seen anyone that give me a good whistle? If you have, come tell me. I would love to run around, play and fight!" After that, you turn back to Olimar, whistile it, and then its finally on your side. Then the ship will say, "Wow, it ran to your side! Just like a pikmin or bulbmin! It must be very good at fighting! When your near a foe or wall, I would say it would atomaticly tackle, or bite near a foe, and tackle near a wall." They are a little slow so if your'e to far it will be left behind. Dwarfs can only bite. They are brown with black spots, orange pupils, the adults are as small as bulbmin, the dwarfs as small as regular dwarfs.

Fighter Wraith: Unfinised, Wait till later.