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Bulborb jr. 05:23, November 26, 2010 (UTC) I keep seeing users with different pictures on them when I look at the talk, but its not in the one were you make the avatar look different... lucky. Hey, anyone thinck that the Smoky Progg looks like a Kingdom Hearts heartless? It kinda does. Mabbey they saw it and made it look like it. Funny, huh?NO FAIR... I wanna make pikmin comics too... WAAAAAAAAAAAAA! he he heeeeeeee... User:Bulborb jr./Comics. 2011: WARNING: Atentoin all people that are nice, dislike bad words, arnt crazy, and watch youtube POOP! Dont go on YOUTUBE POOP WIKI! IT'S A HORRIBLE NIGHTMARE! NOW FOR THE PEOPLE THAT IM DESCRIBEING ABOUT, PLEASE DEAR GOD DONT GO ON IT (Unless you want.)! NOW FOR THE PEOPLE THAT ARE DUMB, LOVE BAD WORDS, AND LOVE YOUTUBE, GO ON AND KOCK YORSELVES OUT! AND TO START WITH, GO TYPE IN YOTUBE POOP WIKI:MEW THREE! (Or any other thing you would can say about it) AND LOOK AT THE HORRIBLE THINGS THEY PUT IN! I HOPE THROW UP, THEN EXPLODE YOUR ESOCKETS OUT, THEN FLY AWAY LIKE AN UGLY, GANGSTER BIRDY. NOTE: This is just an opinoin, so if you want to see the bad THINGS i saw, go ahead. AND ANOTHER THING... whats with the blue backround color? Its HIDEOS! DONT YOU KNOW DAT DARK BLUE DOSENT GO WITH SOMTHING AS NATUREY AS PIKMIN? I saw a word mipelled on the gatling groink but then the picture disipeard! HELP!