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Please note that this is just a trivia game! I just may add new questions from time to time.

Question 1: What are the differences betwen Mamutas in Pikmin 1 and 2?

Question 2: Where is the Smoky Progg located?

Question 3: How many colored pikmin are there in pikmin 2?

Question 4: Are pikmin lazy?

Brain Strainer (HARD)! Question 5: What are and where are the secret foe in Pikmin 2. No peeking!

Brain Relaxer (EASY) Question 6: What MAY be the MOST hated boss in Pikmin 2, but not hated in custimisible Spore games, and why is it not hated in spore games?


1: In the first pikmin they stand around a look until botherd. In the secend pikmin thay emidiately attack.

2: Distant Spring

3: Five

4: Yes. The ship said itself, "What lazy creatures!"

5: Ujadani. They live in Wisting Wild. See yourself if you can.

6: Water Wraith. Its not hated in Spore because your'e controling it, so it wont try and crush or scare you.