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A large Bulbmin with 10 small Bulbmin following it. BULBSWORDSMIN'S ARMY 1 AND LEVEL 1


After seeing exapmles on editting stuff..I know lots of editting stuff now...(obviously)...I only NEED to know how to put boxes on pics.

Why Bulbswordsmin?

Well my favorite Pikmin type (color,etc) is Bulbmin...and why swords?..I like sword play!



Pikmin 3 Ideas

I agree with this guy [1]

My other Pikmin 3 idea-Olimar's son tells him and bugs him by saying: hey dad can we go to the Pikmin planet and learn plant life in "style"...then one day Olimar said:OK you win but, promise me you would not to mess with my experiments okay...Olimar's son(lets call him Starious) replied: sure no more duing that; promise dad! Also;you forgot to pay the bills again. Olimar said:Um...mabey there is still treasure there to repay much money...Starious said: says add 200pokos per day not returning it...Olimar said:When was it sent to us? Starious said: 40 days ago... Olimar:40x200=8000...when is it due? Starious: In 60 days. Olimar:OK lets go get Louie and Shyaco(president)and we can go. They rebuilt the ship and off to the Pikmin planet. When they were near the Pikmin Planet(lets call it Earth.)They got the same fate that Dolphin had...comet crash...good thing they put their planets new invention...unlimited air producter. By fate they're in one place together and the main engine and unlimited fuel producter still in place. Ship: Scanners indicate that the there is still remaining treasure...enough to pay the debt...also without the some of my parts(collect 25/30 in the 1st Pikmin...) we can't blast off of this planet....Olimar look a...Purple Onion? And, 5 Purple Pikmin fighting a Bulborb(even when they're eaten they won't be eaten; because it's the first day...)Also...look!!! Treasure and one of my parts...

Will the 4 survive(OLIMAR,STARIOUS,PRESIDENT,AND LOUIE.) Can they pay the debt in 60 days. Collect the parts in 60 days. ONLY THE PLAYER CAN.

By the way look at my discussion page to see what I reply to people who said I copy and other things about my ideas......look at the coment called..."There's this thing called an idea"

Updates / Links

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Wii Numbers anyone?

I have Wii put your Wii number by contacting me on my talk page

Mine's Wii number is 7839 5145 9778 1363