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"We've worked hard today, and now it's time for our reward!" 

And guess what that reward is? Hmm? Okay, anyone smart would know, and you're about to become smart. Congratulations! My new page! (I'm not the actual Brittany. Shh! Don't tell her!) I've loved pikmin as soon as the game came out, and as soon as I saw it... INSTANT BUY REACTION!

I've loved it some times, and then I felt like I want to murder the game sometimes. Mostly loved it! To all other pikmin fans on this wiki, please, feel welcome. Although, I do bite! (Just kidding! ~♥)


So you know how this works, this is an example on what I'll be doing for a couple of these little add-ons.

                                                       --- > --- > --- > --- > ---

The last one, which is the far left side, goes on to the first one, which is the far right side. I'm ranking my picks, so you can see a variety of my favourite / least favourite enemies. (Exception of the Final Boss)

Pikmin types:    Purple > Blue > Rock > White > Winged

Normal Enemies:    Swooping Snitchbug > Wogpole > Dwarf Bulbear > Joustmite > Bearded Amprat

Mini-Bosses:    Mamuta > Armored Cannon Beetle > Bug-Eyed Crawmad > Goolix > Smoky Progg

Bosses:    Man-At-Legs > Vehemoth Phosbat > Giant Breadbug > Shaggy Long Legs > Scornet Maestro

Final Boss: Titan Dweevil and the Plasm Wraith. I couldn't decide. They both are evenly tough, and look cool.

Least Favourites

Pikmin Types:    Yellow > Red > Rock > Blue > Purple

Normal Enemies:    Iridescent Flint Beetle > Waddlepus > Medusal Slurker > Withering Blowhog > Bulborb Larva

Mini-Bosses:    Puffstool > Goolix >  Bug-Eyed Crawmad > Armored Cannon Beetle > Mamuta

Bosses:    Waterwraith > Beady Long Legs > Ranging Bloyster > Burrowing Snarrow > Quaggled Mireclops

Final Boss: Emperor Bulblax

Made-Up Pikmin Enemies

Bearded Sanprat

The Bearded Sanprat is an enemy that resembles a rodent-like dog with a propellor on it's head. Unlike it's relative, the Bearded Amprat, it does not have a mouth like a mouse, but instead has a mouth that resembles a dog. However, it does not eat pikmin and is classified as a Harmless Enemy. The Bearded Sanprat has two attacks,

A made-up enemy, the Bearded Sanprat.

both only knocking off a pikmin's flower/bud. One is where it kicks up dirt, sand, or whatever is on the ground and kicks it at the pikmin, which knocks them over and decreases their plant on the top of their head. The other attack is where it blows pikmin away using it's propellor, knocking the pikmin over and decreasing their flower/bud once again. 

Spitter Leaf

The Spitter Leaf is an enemy that resembles a leaf with two red beady eyes and six legs, like an insect. It attacks by blowing bubbles that pikmin can fall or walk into, and if not blue pikmin, they can die without the bubble being popped. Spitter Leaves are close relatives of the Skitter Leaf, and are also in the same family. Do not

A made-up enemy, the Spitter Leaf.

underestimate it, though. As it can kill a ton of pikmin if you wander around the field too much. Eventually, the Spitter Leaf's bubbles will pop in a short period of time, which is a deep weakness. It takes about two seconds for it to pop, and has deathly low HP, so it can be killed quite easily.