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Hi I'm Captainmarlio360 and my name and location are *name and address witheld* and in case you couldn't tell I like Spongebob (that was a reference) and I know what you're all thinking "What is this idiot's bank account information?" and "Is this guy some weirdo Spongebob creep who doesn't give a crap about Pikmin?". Well to answer that first one *censored* for the second one the answer is no, Pikmin is my favorite video game series my favorite being Pikmin 2.

For a long time I just read this wiki and it's honestly what got me into Pikmin with it's detailed articles on the games flora and fauna, back then killing any creature as big or bigger than a red bulborb was a challenge for me (I didn't figure out swarming was for combat) then I figured out this wiki included strategy guides and figured out that swarming was indeed useful for combat and after that I was able to figure out the rest on my own (to be fair I was only 8) although I still used this wiki for help defeating some particularly challenging enemies. Now that I'm older and know how to edit wikis I decided to contribute after the arrival of Pikmin 3.

I know that this is pretty rough but I'll edit it more later.