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So... you found my rare User Page?


Table o' Contents:

1. Welcome!

2. Pikmin 4 ideas

2.1. Zoo

2.2. ALL enemies from ALL pikmin games

3. BYE!

1. Welcome!------------------------------------------------------------------------

Hi! You found my rare secret user page!

If you have pikmin 4 ideas, add it.

2. Pikmin 4 Ideas------------------------------------------------------------

2.1. Pikmin zoo

Remember zoo tycoon? Well this is like it. you can hold enemies hostage in this zoo and make people pay to see the cages! the bigger the enemie, the more they have to pay. To capture enemies, you need to collect the Capture gun from the Venomoth Phosbat.

2.2. ALL enemies from ALL pikmin games

You can have your zoo can have ALL the enemies in the game!

If you put 2 enemies in a cave at once, something happens! Try all the combinations!

Expample: if you put an Empress Bulblax with an Emperor Bulblax, they breed and make babies!


Well, that's it. if you have an idea, let meknow in my talk page!

P.S. Sorry I stole your idea, Snakeboss14!

A Red Bulborb as it appears in the Distant Planet stage of Super Smash Bros. Brawl.
King DeDeDe hates Pikmin