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My name is Jason, and I'm 13 years old. I am enrolled in a school, so I will usually be available on weekends and after my school is done.

Pikmin 3 is about here and I am saving up my money for a new WiiU. I hope that Pikmin3 will bring whole new things to the Pikmin saga, and I want to enjoy the game. For now, I promised you I would post things of pikmin, but that will have to wait for now. But I can teach you aabouut what I know in Pikmin :)

How did I come to like Pikmin?

Well, I first found out about Pikmin when my brother got it for christmas at my grandmas house in South Carolina. I immediatly became interested in the game, unfortunately, I couldnt play it until I got back to my house in New York. While i was still in South Carolina, I was busy looking at the game booklet drawing pictures of Pikmin.

When we finally got back to my house, I had to watch my brother play the game, because he wouldnt let me play it. When my brother got to the Final Trial, he made a big mistake. He waited until day 30 to get to the final trial, and he did not have enough time to get the last ship part. He wanted to get all of the ship parts, and he did not want to start a whole new file, so he finally let me start a file. I started the file on a Friday night, and beat it the next morning :)

My brother got Pikmin2 on his birthday, and he tried to beat it but couldnt. Like Pikmin, he let me start a file, and I beat Pikmin2 in about 2 weeks.

About a year later, my brother accepted Pikmin was not the game for him, so I gave him 2 gamecube games for Pikmin and Pikmin2. I play the game all the time now.