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Well hello there! My name is Dazz and I'm obviously a very big Pikmin fan. Even though I never 100% either of the first 2 games when I was a kid, I know A LOT about the games. (I have completed them now though) I also have mainly gotten back into it after finding my dusty gamecube from the attic and the reveal of Pikmin 3. Since then, I've started a youtube channel called DazzReviews (the link is probably up there somewhere) and in it I analyse all the new information given to us by Nintendo about Pikmin 3 and speculate about the game between reveal times. I expect I'll continue to do this all the way up to the game's release and then make some extra videos when it is released. (These will probably be reviews, easter eggs, top 10s etc) and then I will move onto other things which are irrelevant to this website so I won't bother to mention them. xD

Also, because I live in England, all of my games are the PAL versions. This will include Pikmin 3. So, expect a lot of edits from me when the game is out about the differences in the PAL version of the game. (Hopefully I'll be able to compare to the other versions of the game though xD) Other than that, you probably won't see me too much on here, since I'll mainly be uploading info on youtube. Though I regularly come onto the site and see the changes, I just don't edit anything xD