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I LOVE pikmin. I would've updated earlier and made the WIKI FOR THE BEST GAME EVER better sooner, but I've been practicing editing on the Dead Rising Wiki. Someone please introduce me to the big guys. By this I mean admins and/or the 3 people who edit. Every wiki has like 3. I will make major edits.

The game

You lost the game, btw. A few people will get that.

The series is of two real series, which I love. Or, more like, several.

  • Old school games
  • Games pre-warfare
  • Special (controls and play)
  • Split sandbox plot
  • Retrieve
  • Army
  • Gamecube
  • Side Story Multiplayer

Yes, I made all those up. Yes, they are actually useful for categorization. Yes, that is a word. No, not a sword.

MS and CANCER suck.