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Note:Sorry For making the About Me page I will not let it happen again. I have never used a Wiki before and I am aware of my mistake. At the time I believed I was editing my profile but something went horribly wrong.

Anyways I'm Currently 13 at the time of writing this but I have been a long time pikmin fan. I got my first gamecube when I was about 3 and the first game I got was Jimmy Nuetron Attack of The Twonkies but my favorite was the second game I had bought... PIKMIN. Ever since I was 3 I have been playing pikmin and I can't wait to Letsplay PIKMIN 3.

Come check out our Letsplay Channel:ImagStudios [[File:Image-It-Studios Trailer|thumb|right|403 px|Here's what we are!]] [[File:Lego City Undercover- Episode 1- Let's get started!-0|thumb|right|402 px|Lego City Undercover!]] [[File:Pikmin 3-Boss Battle-Armored Mawdad-Platinum|thumb|right|402 px|Pikmin 3 Armored Mawdad Boss Battle]] [[File:Super Mario Sunshine-Episode 1-Pianta Beats|thumb|right|402 px|Super Mario Sunshine!]] [[File:Pikmin-Day 1-The fun begins-0|thumb|right|400 px|Our First Episode!]]