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I'm a regular videogame fan, and I've got plenty of anime behind me too. No shame; Japan's got good entertainment. Most Nintendo-native games I've played, and the ones that I haven't I'll get to.

I first joined Wikia as a user because of the League of Legends wiki and how useful it is, but really, all of these wikis are useful for a variety of purposes. I just started reading about everything after I got bored a while ago. I have had the first game's wii port for a while, but I just recently finished it. I officially love the series. I got the second one ASAP. As of yet, I'm in the middle of playing it. It sounds ridiculous, but now i'm ready for the third; the only problem is how much money I don't have to spend on the Wii U when it comes out. Well, whatever. I'll get it eventually.

There's me, why I'm here, and how I feel about Pikmin all in a nutshell. It's nice to be here, folks.