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Mah userpage pwnz.

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Made-up Cave

This is the details for my made-up Pikmin 2 Cave:

Name: Abyss of Peril

Hazards: All

Reccomended Pikmin Squad: 25 of each Pikmin

Sublevels: 25

Rest levels: 4

Boss: Emperor Bulbear (Made-up)

Sublevel 1:

Enemies: Fiery Bulblax (X2) Fiery Blowhog (X5) Fiery Dweevil (X12) Bulbmin (1 Mother) Spotty Bulbear (X1) Dwarf Bulbear (X5) (Following Mature Bulbear) Orange Bulborb (X3) (Right next to each other)

Hazards: Fire (21 Fire Spewers)

Level theme: Dirt (Battle Field)

Strategy: First, lure the Bulbear to you and pound it with Purples. You should also take it to the ship so it won't regenerate. Then kill the Dwarves. Rather than killing the Orange Bulborbs, take out all your reds to clear a path. That's when you kill the Bulborbs. Then go to the hole.

Sublevel 2:

Enemies: Caustic Dweevil (X13) Greater Spotted Jellyfloat (X1) Hermit Crawmad (X2) Lesser Spotted Jellyfloat (X3) Shearwig (X7) Toady Bloyster (X1) Water Dumple (X5) Watery Blowhog (X2) Wogpole (X4) (In water) Wollywog (X1) (Gray)

Hazards: Water

Theme: Tile Lands

Strategy: This watery level starts on a stump, similar to Dream Den Sublevel 10. The rest is a watery mess of tiles. Avoid contact with most enemies, so you can focus on the hole. If you want, you can take your blues out to beat the enemies. Head for the hole.

Sublevel 3:

Enemies: Anode Beetle (X6) Anode Dweevil (X3) Breadbug (X2) Iridescent Glint Beetle (X1) Mamuta (X5) Skitter Leaf (X27) Creeping Chrysanthymum (X4)

Mini-boss: Giant Breadbug

Hazards: Electricity (13 Pairs of zappers)

Theme: Brawl Yard

Strategy: Use yellows to disable the zappers, defeat the Electric enemies, and destroy the Breadbugs. Now you have free Pikmin use, so defeat the enemies with your Pikmin and destroy the Miniboss. Advance to Sublevel 4.

Sublevel 4:

Enemies: Doodlebug (X1) Munge Dweevil (X23)

Hazards: Poison (13 tubes)

Theme: Battle Field

Strategy: Easiest so far. Just run through with whites and disable and defeat everything. Go in the hole.

Sublevel 5: REST LEVEL

Enemies: None

Hazards: None

Theme: War Path (No enemies)

Candypop Buds: Queen (X4) Crimson (X3) Golden (X3) Lapis Lazuli (X3) Ivory (X3) Violet (X3)

Sublevel 6:

Enemies: Volatile Dweevil (X34) Gatling Groink (X5) Careening Dirigibug (X3)

Hazards: Bomb-Rocks

Theme: Rusty Gulch

Strategy: This is a huge maze! To fell it, you must avoid taking dead ends! If you do, a Bomb-Rock will fall on you. If you don't, you're safe, or at least until you find the Groinks!

Sublevel 7:

Enemies: Antenna Beetle (X1) Bumbling Snitchbug (X3) Careening Dirigibug (X4) Greater Spotted Jellyfloat (X1) Honeywisp (X9) Lesser Spotted Jellyfloat (X3) Puffy Blowhog (X1) Swooping Snitchbug (X3) Withering Blowhog (X3)

Hazards: None

Theme: Rusty Gulch

Strategy: This sublevel is full of Aerial attackers. I is possible to attack a Jellyfloat with your captains. You, sadly, also may ride the Snitchbug to a bottemless pit!

Sublevel 8:

Enemies: Segmented Crawbster (Mini-boss) Lesser Spotted Jellyfloat (X4)

Hazards: Falling Boulders

Raging Long Legs Rumor

I'm playing Pikmin 2, and trying to find out if the RLL Rumor is true.

Day 1: N/A

Day 2: N/A

Day 3: N/A

Day 4: No sightings today. But I think this might be due to the fact that it's too early. I'll keep looking!

Day 5: No RLL seen today. I won't give up!