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Hi! My name is GeneralEagleEye. I am a new Lets Player (a person who vieotapes themselves playing a videogame, and posts video walthroughs on a site like youtube, aka an LPer) I have a sister (DancerAOD) who also helps me in 2 player games. Out of all the games I have ever played, Pikmin has been my fav. Pikmin 2 i didn't quite enjoy as much... On another note, I can't wait for Pikmin 3! An iea i had for pikmin 3 was the Pink Pikmin. This pikmin, if left under an onion, will pluck pikmin for olimar, the only catch is, the pikmin cannot pluck ther own kind, and they will only pluck pikmin at the same stage in evolution as them (ex: a flower Pink Pikmin will only pick pikmin who are flowers in the ground). They also don't have an onion, instead, they are found randomly lying around the ground. There also is a limit of 10 Pink Pikmin you can have at a time. I will update this page with links to my Lets Plays as I make them!