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Pikmin loves SARDIN!!!!!!!!!
A group of Pikmin carry a Fiery Blowhog corpse.

Hi im the king of the gnomes (random name i came up with)and i love pikmin becuse they are so cool and cute :D. I like pie as well.Anyway i joined since i like pikmin so much.Im one of those who hate wii music and wii fit becuse there dum and i want pikmin 3 so very much :(. I made stuffed pikmin with cloths,2 fake leafs,thread and needle,and colored makers. this is my first wika.I also like Zelda and Mario games.

my polls

<poll> What do you hate the most? Wolly and Yellow Wogs SnitchBugs bulbears blowhogs bulborbs </poll>

<poll> what boss do you hate the most? Man-at-Legs Emepor balblax(pikmin1) Titen Dweevil Snargets </poll>

<poll> which pikmin do you like? red blue yellow purple white </poll>

<poll> what do you want to see in pikmin 3? green pikmin black pikmin orange pikmin 3-player gamecube controller use </poll>

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