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No need to do Day 1 since there is no time limit and its pretty much a tutorial!

Day 2: The Forest of Hope

Warning: the following text contains major spoilers.
Take out all your reds, and have them break down the white stick gate. While they are doing this, have one Pikmin harvest the pellets. Now, when the wall is down, get ready for your first battle. Lead all of your Pikmin out and to the left towards the Dwarf Bulborbs. The best way to beat them is to lure them towards you and then throw Pikmin on their heads. Bring their bodies back to base, along with any red pellets. Now with your strengthened army, go over towards the Spotty Bulborbs to the right of your camp. Sneak around behind them and throw Pikmin on their backs. When it is dead, kill all the other enemies in this area. Now, you can carry the ship piece, which happens to be the Eternal Fuel Dynamo, back to your ship, along with all the pellets possible. Use the rest of your reds to break down the gate at the far end of this area. Make them all work on breaking down that gate. When it is gone, lead them in and kill the Dwarf bulborbs first, followed by the Spotty bulborbs.All enemies killed in here are for later. Now, when all the enemies are dead, lead your reds to just outside the gate and leave them. Now walk over to the yellow Onion. Pick the Yellow that it spits out, and have it harvest all the yellow pellets in this area. When you have enough, collect the enemies too. Since they stop coming out when your Pikmin in the field reach 100. Lead them over to the bomb rocks, either in a can or, next to a big stone gate, and have them break down both white gates in this area. It should now be around sunset, so get all your Pikmin together and stick 'em back in their Onions.

Day 3: The Forest of Hope

Warning: the following text contains major spoilers.
Take out all your yellow. Walk out the stick gate and curve to the right. If there are any enemies, avoid fighting them. March them over to the can and have them pick up the bomb rocks. Take them back to camp and have them break down the stone gate. Now put all your yellows in the Onion, and take them out again. This will cause them to drop their bomb rocks without detonating them. Lead them just past the gate and collect the 20 pellet up on the stump. Now take out all your reds and march them over the gate. Kill all of the enemies past it, then turn left and walk through the grass. You should come upon some Sheargrubs and larva. Kill them all, and lead your Pikmin a little farther until you can see the Whimsical Radar on a ledge. Throw 20 Pikmin up to it and have them carry it back. Take your spoils back to camp, and take control of your yellows again. Make them pick up their forgotten bomb rocks and lead them over to where the Radar was. Break down the stone gate, and then walk back through the tall grass and straight ahead to the stick gate. Blow that up too. You can break it with normal Pikmin, but bombs are faster. You don't need any more bomb rocks, so throw all your Pikmin and call them back to you to get rid of the bombs. Lead them back over to where the stone gate was and collect the Extraordinary Bolt with 30 yellows. Put the rest of your yellows backin their Onions, and take out 70 reds. Take them to the stick gate that you blew up with bombs. Kill all of the enemies beyond it, starting with the Dwarfs since they are already awake. When all of the enemies are dead, carry your spoils and the Nova Blaster, which lies beyond them, back to camp and finish the day.

Day 4: The Forest Navel

Warning: the following text contains major spoilers.
First take out all your reds. Have about 20 of them start to break down the stick gate that's right next to your camp. Now lead the rest to the path beyond it and make them build the stick bridge over to the Automatic Gear. 15 Pikmin is all you need to carry it, so take the rest of your Pikmin and go left onto the beach a little bit. All you need to do is kill all the bugs and larva. Now go back up to camp and collect the Pikmin that were working on the gate (it should be down. If not, break it really quickly). Regroup and head back to camp. Now go and start breaking the Pellet Posies, but DON'T collect the pellets. They are for luring the Breadbug to you. When he grabs one or comes near, throw Pikmin on him until he has lost about 1/8 of his health. Wait for him to grab a pellet. When he does, throw two Pikmin on the pellet, and watch as they drag him up to the Onion. When the Onion tries to suck him up he will die and leave behind the Space Float. Take it to your ship. Now get 100 reds and go straight ahead and build the two ramps that will lead you down to the beach. Kill all the Fiery Blowhogs on the beach and take all of them except one back to your camp. Just be sure to attack them on the side away from the water so they don't get blown into it. If the Wollywog attacks you, kill it too. Now the beach should be cleared except for one dead Blowhog and a few pellets. Take all your Pikmin back to the Onion and put them in it. Go over to near where the Automatic Gear was and you should see the Blue Onion. Take the blue Pikmin that it spits out and use it to gather as many blues as possible before the day is done. Be sure to get the 5 pellet, the Blowhog on the beach, and any grubs that your reds killed. Now the day should be over.

Day 5: The Impact Site

Warning: the following text contains major spoilers.
First take out 10 yellows, 20 reds, and all your blues. Collect some of the pellets, but pay special attention to the 10 pellets on top of the tree stump. To get to them, have your Pikmin break open the geyser near its base in the tall grass. Then build the stick ladder and have you Pikmin climb up it. Sort your Pikmin by type and carry them all back to your camp. Now take out Pikmin until you have 100 in the field, so all the Pikmin you gather will just stay in the Onions and you don't have to bother with picking them. Now gather all the blues you have, along with the 10 yellows and 20 reds you started with, and go over to where the engine was. Use reds to get the 20 pellet, then dismiss all your Pikmin and get only yellows in your group. Pick up the bomb rocks that are inside the box and blow up the stone gate that's in the area over the box. Go back to the Onions now and collect your 20 reds again. Now take all your Pikmin and enter the beach area. Walk left first and break down the gate. Then put your reds and yellows on the 20 red pellet, making sure there are more reds than yellows carrying it. Now take your blue Pikmin and go over to the blue 20 pellet. Have them carry it away. Now walk up to the Pearly Clamclamp with the green thing in it. That is the Positron Generator. To get it, throw all the blue Pikmin you have onto the Clamclamp's protective bubble inside it. Call them all back to you when it is just about to open all the way. That should allow plenty of time for your Pikmin to escape before they are shut in. Just repeat this process until the Generator falls out. Go back to your camp and get all the blues that you have. Lead them all the way back up to the beach and assign 20 of them to carry the Generator back to your ship. Now attack both of the Clams one at a time in order to get their pearls. They are worth 50 Pikmin each! You can do what you want, but I always give both of them to my blue Pikmin. Make 6 carry it just so it goes faster, and when you have both the day should be just about done. Make sure all you Pikmin are out of the ground, since you won't be coming back here again.

Day 6: The Forest of Hope

Warning: the following text contains major spoilers.
First take out 30 blues and 70 reds. Lead your army outside through the stick gate and kill any dwarfs in the immediate area. Ignore all the monsters off to the right. Dismiss your Pikmin, and grab your blues. Walk through the water across to the island on the other side. If you stand on the little ledge, you should be able to throw all 30 on to the bridge. They should start building it. Now go back to your reds. Call 30 of them, and have them work on the bridge on this side of the lake. Now walk over to the left of the bridge with the other 40 reds and you should see a ledge. Throw them onto it. Now walk back to the stick gate, and turn right just before you enter it. You should come to a little puddle. Walk up the tree root and turn right, and you should see the Shock Absorber. Ignore it for now, and walk quietly past the monsters so as not to wake them up. Once you are past them, you can meet up with your reds again. Call them all, and then kill all the enemies in this area. Once they are dead, assign 30 of them to carry the Shock Absorber and have the rest carry your spoils. Your bridge builders should be about done by now. Walk across both bridges, calling your 30 reds and 30 blues as you do so. Once across, you should now be on the island with the Sagittarius. Have 20 Pikmin carry it (preferably reds, you'll see why in a second) back to camp. Here's where things start to get tricky. You're going to want to take out as many blues as you can, so put any reds that are in camp away for the moment. Once you have a lot of blues, around 80, go out the stone gate. Kill any enemies in here, and turn right at your first chance. Then immediately turn left, and you should be in this little puddle. Have all you Pikmin work on breaking the gate down. The Sagittarius should be in your ship by now, so put all those reds back and take out 10 yellows. Go around the level collecting as many bomb rocks as you can, and then return to camp. Go out the stone gate and walk straight ahead. Throw all your yellows onto the ledge and go back to your blues, who should be done. Walk through the gate, but don't collect any blues. Now turn left and WALK INTO your yellows. If you call them, they will drop their bombs. Now turn around and destroy the black stick gate with the bombs. Now go call your blues and return to camp. Put all your Pikmin in their Onions, and call out 100 reds. Go back out the stone gate, and throw them all on the ledge you threw the yellow on. Now walk through the puddle, call them all back to you, and enter the arena with the Armored Cannon Beetle. To avoid dying, stay away from the front of it. Just throw Pikmin at the hole in its head, and when he sucks one in, run around behind him and throw Pikmin on its exposed back. Do this once or twice and you should beat him. Now you

should have just enough daylight left to bring the carcass and the Radiation Canopy, which is in the back of the arena, back to your camp.

Day 7: Forest of Hope

Warning: the following text contains major spoilers.
Oh, goody. Today we get to fight another boss battle!!! Take out 85 reds and 15 blues. Go out the stick gate to where the yellow Onion was when you first found it, killing any enemies along the way. Once you enter the area, turn almost completely around and enter the area

that your yellows unblocked the first day you found them. There are a couple of Bulborbs in here, so kill them first. Now dismiss all your Pikmin, making sure they don't go and carry anything, and get only blues. Walk into the water and throw them at the far side of the box. Once it is out of the way, call all your Pikmin to you. Now throw them all in the middle of the bridge where the box was, making sure none fall in the water. Once they are all there, walk through them so you have about 20. Go over the bridge and deposit them DIRECTLY to the right and as close to the water as possible. Any farther away and you'll wake up the boss. Repeat this until all of them are across (you do this weird thing to prevent any Pikmin from drowning when you go across the bridge. You can use blue Pikmin to fight the boss, but their attacks hurt less). Now walk slowly into the arena until the Burrowing Snagret pops its head up. Immediately retreat so it can't reach you. Just don't walk farther up, or you'll wake another Snagret. When it goes underground again, walk slowly around until it pops up again. If its whole neck is above the ground, retreat again. Repeat this until it only sticks its head up above the ground. This is your cue to swarm it with all your Pikmin on its head. If you do this correctly, you should be able to kill it in one hit. Repeat this strategy two more times on the other Snagrets, and you'll be rewarded with the Geiger Counter. Carry this, and all the enemies you killed earlier, back to camp.

Day 8: The Forest Navel

Warning: the following text contains major spoilers.
Score. Another 3-part day. You're basically going to want 100 blues on this one, unless there are any Fiery Blowhogs on the beach. If there are, use reds to beat them as quickly as possible. When you have 100 blues with you, walk out of camp into the water areas to the right, and you should see a big golden thing that looks like a cup. This is the #1 Ionium Jet. Assign 15 Pikmin to carry it and run over to the beach. Walk straight into the water and go fight the Wollywogs, one at a time. There are two ways to beat them, and you can read about it in the Enemy Field Guide. Anyway, once they're dead, you will have a clear road to the Anti-Dioxin Filter. 40 Pikmin can carry it back to camp. Now walk all the way over to the left of the lake you are in and you should see a little ledge with a blue spring on it. This is the Gravity Jumper. Put about 1/2 of your Pikmin on the ramp to the right of it, and walk over to the left. You will see a ramp on top of the little ledge. Thow all you Pikmin up there, and use the geyser to meet up with them again. Now just command them to build the other ramp. When all your Pikmin are done, assign as many as you can to carry the Gravity Jumper and head back to camp. If you have time, collect the bodies of the Wollywogs as well.

Day 9: The Forest Navel

Warning: the following text contains major spoilers.
All right, one of the two bosses in this level. First take out 100 reds. Go over to where you found the Gravity Jumper and turn left. Enter the area with all the blue lights. Keep going and you should come upon what looks like a giant mushroom on legs. Well, it IS a giant mushroom on legs. This is a Puffstool. Just charge it and have all your Pikmin attack its legs until it trips. Then call them all over to you and throw them as fast as you can onto its soft underbelly. If it dies, cool. If it flips back up, call all your Pikmin away QUICKLY!!! It's about to use its gas attack which changes all you Pikmin into purple Pikmin. If any do get caught in the gas, just attack them with normal Pikmin to get them back to normal. If ALL your Pikmin get caught in the gas, then your in trouble. Just start the day over. Once it does the attack, do the tripping thing again until it dies. It will drop the Omega Stabilizer. Carry that and the Puffstool back to camp. I would advise giving the Puffstool to your yellows, since you will need a lot in the battle tomorrow. Now, take out about 15 yellows. Lead them all to bomb rocks. There are some by where the Gravity Jumper and #1 Ionium Engine were. Now look at your map with Y. See the star that's off by itself in that arena looking thing? Go over there. You will see many stone walls. Destroy as many as you can, but just make sure you unblock the arena as well. Now just grow some of the little dudes (again, preferably yellow) until the day is over.

Day 10: The Forest Navel

Warning: the following text contains major spoilers.
This is my least favorite part in the game to get, because I always lose about half my yellows (not that you use them much anyway, but you get the point). Lead all your yellows over to the rock walls that you destroyed yesterday and into the arena. A big spider looking thing will drop down. This is Beady Long Legs. It is the devil. Just throw your yellows onto that big sphere in the middle of its body (well, it IS its body) and use the C Stick to steer your Pikmin away from its feet to avoid making any more Pikmin pancakes than necessary. Once it is dead, Take your yellows and put them back in their Onion. DO NOT try to take back the Guard Satellite with yellows, as they will be burned by the flame geysers. Use reds to collect the part and any other spoils to be found in the arena. Now you can do one of two things. You can try to build your poor yellows back up to strength, or you can take 100 Pikmin over to the far right side of the beach and break down the stick wall. This will aid you in getting tomorrow's parts. NOW build up your sorry yellow army.

Day 11: The Forest Navel

Warning: the following text contains major spoilers.
All right!!! This is your last day in the Forest Navel!!! I really hate this level... Take 60 reds, 20 yellows, and 20 blues. Go over to the stick wall that I described on the previous day, and break it down if you have not already done so. Lead all you Pikmin in, and

push the C Stick so that your Pikmin get as close to the wall as possible. You don't want ANY to get burned. Once you are past the first flame geysers, you should be in a place with a bridge on the left. Dismiss you Pikmin, and have your reds and yellows work on the bridge. Take your 20 blues and travel through the rest of the flame geysers, using the same strategy applied on the previous ones. You should now be in an area with a little pool. Lead your blues in and have them carry the Analog Computer out, but not into the flame geysers. Once it is out of the water, leave it there and take your blues back to the rest of your Pikmin. When the bridge is complete, bring 20 reds back over the flames to the Computer and have them carry it back to camp. Now have your blues go into the puddle on the other side of the bridge and break open the geyser. Throw all your yellows onto the ledge above you, and use the geyser to meet up with them again. Throw them up the rest of the way and they will retrieve the Libra. As soon as they bring it down to the rest of your Pikmin, have the rest of your reds ONLY carry it back to camp. Now bring your remaining blues and yellows out the rest of the way, using the wall-hug stratagy once more. Now just garden until the day is over. And the Forest Navel is complete! Yay

Day 12: The Distant Spring

Warning: the following text contains major spoilers.
My favorite level. Ah, bliss. Take out 100 blues. Go over onto the little area with the Yellow Wollywog on it, and kill it, along with its partner, and carry their bodies back to camp. Now go straight ahead across the beach and into the water. Now go over to where the bridge is and have them kill the little bugs that are there. When they are dead, assign some Pikmin to build the bridge. Now take the rest of your Pikmin (about 20) back to camp. Collect the ones that were carrying the Yellow Wollywogs. You see that little path extending into the water, and ending with a tower with a spinning thing on top? That's the Repair-type Bolt. To get it, throw all 30 Pikmin onto the ledge to the left of the path. Now things get tricky. Go on the path and call them to you, so they are walking towards the barrier on the ledge that they are on. Now walk along on the path, and they should follow. When they reach the tower with the Bolt on it, shove the C Stick towards it, and at least 20 should grab on and take it to your ship. Take the rest of your Pikmin over to the bridge builders, who should be done. Lead all of them over to the far side of the bridge. You will see an enemy that looks like a black Spotty Bulborb. This is a Spotty Bulbear. He's just a little tougher than Bulborbs. Use the same strategy to beat him and take his body back to camp. Have the rest of your Pikmin carry the Massage Machine that was behind him to your ship as well. If you still have any time left in the day, walk in the direction parallel to the lake until you come upon a Yellow Wollywog. Kill it with 100 blues. If you don't have time, kill it sometime before day 15, as it will help you greatly.

Day 13: Distant Spring

Warning: the following text contains major spoilers.
Today you will fight one of the coolest enemies in the game. Make sure you have no Pikmin sprouts in the ground. Now take 100 blues and walk into the giant lake. Use your map: it's the BIG lake. Go over to the chain of islands that form a circle, and you should see a giant egg

on them. Break open the egg, and RUN RUN RUN back to camp and deposit all your blues. Don't wait for the THING to chase you. You shouldn't have any Pikmin out now. When the monstrosity enters your camp, take out 10, and only 10, reds. Throw them on his face, and keep doing this until he dies. For a better description on how to beat him, check the Enemy Field Guide. Once he is dead, he will leave behind a nut that is worth 100 Pikmin!!! I usually give it to blues, but the choice is yours. Now go back to the chain of islands and go farther this time. You will see some Water Dumples and a Puffy Blowhog in the water. Kill the first 3 Dumples, then kill the Blowhog, who is holding the Interstellar Radio. Have 20 Pikmin carry it, and then watch which way they are going. Follow them, and protect them from any Water Dumples or Yellow Wollywogs that will try to kill them with the rest of your Pikmin. By the time the Radio reaches your ship, it will be almost night. Really quick take out 10 yellows and go across the bridge you built on the first day. There will be some bomb rocks in the skulls here. Get a few and head back to camp. You should have just enough time to blow up the stone gate right next to your camp before the sun sets.

Day 14: Distant Spring

Warning: the following text contains major spoilers.
Take out 100 blues and go through the stone gate you blew up yesterday. While avoiding waking up the Bulbears, kill the Puffy Blowhog. Now kill the two Bulbears and bring everything back to the Onions. NOTE: If you try killing the Bulbears first, you may get double or triple teamed by the Blowhog and/or other Bulbear, which will result in death and mourning. So kill Puffy first. Now put the blues back in their Onion and take out 100 reds. Walk through the gate and go past the first puddle, then turn left. Kill any more enemies you find here, then break down the white stick gate which is near the yellow 10 pellet. After it's down, throw them up on the ledge and build the ramp. Now bring your spoils back to camp and return everything to their Onions. The day should be almost done. Get 20 yellows out and go through the stone gate. Turn right and you will see a big ledge with a pit in the middle. Throw all 20 to the right of the pit. Now walk left and go up the stone ramp, circle around, and go down to your yellows. Gather them all and throw them in the stone indention on the ledge above you. Now go up the ramp again and call your yellows once more, making sure none fall off with the C Stick. Now its just a simple matter of throwing them up to the UV Lamp. It only takes 10, but have as many as possible bring it back to your ship and finish the day.

Day 15: Distant Spring

Warning: the following text contains major spoilers.
All right, the only boss in this level. Take out 100 reds and go in the direction parallel to the big lake. You will come upon a Bulbear, if you haven't killed it yet. Do so now. In the hollow stump it was guarding, there is a closed geyser behind the skull. Break it

open. Now exit the skull and go a little left and you will see a stick ladder that needs building. Build it. Have all your Pikmin go up, then meet up with them using the geyser. Take all 100 and enter the arena with the Armored Cannon Beetle. Use the same strategy against him that you used in the Forest of Hope. Once he is dead, have 30 Pikmin carry the Bowsprit and a couple carry the Beetle. They will walk through the area you cleared out yesterday, in case you were wondering. Now take the rest of your reds and go back out to where the stick ladder was. Walk straight ahead to the bridge and start building it with about 25 Pikmin. NOTE: You should have already killed the Yellow Wollywog here during a previous day, as written in the day 12 strategy. Deposit the rest in the Onion, and take out as many blues as possible. Go back to your red bridge builders and enter the pool. Go to the other side and build the bridge from the other direction once you kill the bugs. When both bridges are complete, you can get the heaviest part in the game: the Gluon Drive. It takes 50 Pikmin. Spend the rest of the day gardening.

Day 16: Distant Spring

Warning: the following text contains major spoilers.
Four parts in one day? well

it's actually really easy. First take out 100 blues. Go through the stone gate next to your camp, and walk over to the stick gate you broke open with your reds on day 14. Kill any enemies along the way. Don't enter it the gate, though. Go a little bit past it and go to the other stick gate. Break it open. Kill the two Yellow Wollywogs that are in this area. Now break the other stick gate, then enter it. You will find the Zirconium Roter. Assign 30 Pikmin to it. Now go out the second gate you broke and turn left so you are walking through the water. Just turn right a little and follow your map and you will come upon the Pilot's Seat. It takes 25 Pikmin. Make sure you are still left with AT LEAST 35 Pikmin. If not, go back to your Onion for reinforcements. Now, starting from the area with the Pilot's Seat, go back to the little river and turn right. You will emerge in this little lake. Kill any Water Dumples, but ignore the Wollywogs. Walk forward and left and you should come upon the #2 Ionium Jet. To get it, walk to the far left of the stone ledge and throw 20 Pikmin up onto it, then use the geyser to get up yourself. Lead them all as close to the Jet as you can, then throw them the rest of the way. As soon as your Pikmin bring it down, make sure there are ONLY 15 on it. Now go to the far corner of the little lake you are in and throw the rest of your blues up onto the little island with the yellow flower (this is a Candypop Bud). Use the geyser to get up there, then throw all your Pikmin into the Bud. It will transform your blues into yellows. As soon as you have all yellows, throw them all into the sandy corner with the blue flower. Now go to the beach yourself. Call them to you and toss them up to the part, which you will find to be the Chronos Reactor. As soon as they bring it down, transform all your yellows back into blues using the Bud. Now have all your blues carry the last part of this level back to your ship. Use the rest of the day to bring back any enemies you killed.

Day 17: The Final Trial

Warning: the following text contains major spoilers.
This is it: the final level. Take out 90 blues and 10 reds. Walk over next to the water and dismiss all your Pikmin. Get only blues and walk into the water. Throw 45 blues towards each bridge on either side of the stone gate so that they start building them. Now go back to your reds. Get them and walk to the left side of the water. Throw them onto the ledge with all the fire geysers on it. Now go into the water next to the ledge and whistle to them so they are trying to get at you but are still on the fire ledge. Walk forward so they will follow you. Keep going until they reach the box. When they are next to it, dismiss them and they will automatically push it. Now wait for the blues to complete both bridges and stick them back in their Onion. now take out 10 yellows. Walk with them to the right of the water and throw them on the island. Go onto it yourself and call them to you. Now walk up on the stony cliff and throw them onto the ledge across the gap, making sure none fall and drown, of course. Now use a geyser to get up to them. Call them, and throw them in and around the can on the ledge above you until at least five Pikmin have bomb rocks. Now just get them back to dry land the same way you got them here, except for one detail. To get them under your control, don't whistle. If you do, they will drop their bomb rocks and kill themselves. Instead, just touch them. Lead them across the first bridge and bomb the gate three times to knock it down. Now go across the second bridge and use a single bomb to blow up the white stick gate. Now lead them into the arena. NOTE: DO NOT TOUCH THE GREEN THING IN THE MIDDLE. THIS WILL TRIGGER THE BOSS BATTLE!!! and you don't want that. Bomb the white stick gate on the other side of the arena, and lead you yellows back out to where your 10 reds are. Dismiss them. At this point, if this is your first time playing, I would advise you to gather your Pikmin, select GO TO SUNSET from the pause menu, and save the game. That way you will have a whole day to fight the final boss, Emperor Bulblax. If you have already beat him a few times, you should try to fight him AND do all the stuff in a single day. If you want to do this, you should have at least half a day left to fight him. That's what I did, and it saved me a whole extra day. Either way, use this strategy to beat him. Go to your Onions and take out 80 reds and 20 yellows. Lead them all over to just outside of the arena. Take the yellows only and go through the arena and out the other side without waking up Emperor Bulblax. Now go up to the cans and have all 20 collect bomb rocks. There are multiple cans spread along the outside of the arena. Now return to your reds and dismiss ALL your Pikmin. Walk into the arena by yourself and wake up the boss by touching him. Now leave and walk SLOWLY into your yellows until only one is under your control. Press and hold A so you have picked him up and now walk into your reds until you have about 50 or so. Now walk into the arena (still holding A) and wait until he opens his mouth to do his tongue-attack. Throw the yellow Pikmin in is mouth and run off to the side. The bomb will explode and stun him, and that is your cue to throw as many reds as you can onto his fat saggy cheeks. When he wakes up, take all your reds and run outside the arena, where he can't hurt you. Repeat this process until he has about 1/2 health left. Now he will start doing a new attack: he will jump up really high and land on your Pikmin that are with you in the arena, killing them all. To avoid

this, just stay on the move and use the C Stick to pull your Pikmin away from where he will land. Once you've beaten the boss, you can get the Secret Safe!!! If you have time, you can harvest the pellets he drops, but it only gets you around 20 more Pikmin. The Secret Safe takes 40 Pikmin to carry, but you can use up to 90 to speed up the process. And that's the last part!

Congrats you won! But then again you used the guide so I doubt its something to brag about since you used my guide to help you with it. But still congratulations!!!!!