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The Burrowing Snagret's spirit in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. It uses official artwork from Pikmin.

About Me 

I'm just the average other teenager, who just happens to stumble on Pikmin, and then love it. Many of my kind of race(latino) are not interested into real-time strategy games, so I guess I'm not that average, but what you are you going to do.

Anyways, I first found out about this game when I was like 7, I saw it and my mind was like Dude you don't know what that is, don't waste your money. But I was like, who cares? There are plants attacking a ladybug!! That was the cover art, and I never regreted buying it, and soon I was going all crazy looking for all the info on this as I was always Pikmin-info hungry. I just want to help other people like me to have their hunger stop. I'm like a snagret, I always need to snag more and more of something( I like).

My Best Pikmin Record in One Save File (Day Count and Pikmin Lost Based)


Ship Parts:










Pikmin Lost:



Favorite Pikmin and Why: 

Yellows because they always make the final boss in the first two games much easier. 5 bucks the same thing happens in Pikmin 3.

Favorite Game: 

Original because it's simple, but still harder than the 2nd. Plus, I love its soundtrack.

Favorite Enemy: 

Mamuta. Its the first enemy you can literally fight in Pikmin, instead of the Dwarf Spotty Bulborb.

Favorite Boss or Mini-Boss: 

Man-at-Legs. Why? IT HAS A MACHINE GUN, DANG IT! Plus, it's pretty funny to run around it when it shoots and have it target that one single pikmin that trips or is slow and have it miss all shots.