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About Me

  • I'm shy. I feel awkward when I talk to people either in real life or on the internet.
  • Video Games are my main hobby. Mainly Nintendo ones.
  • Never let me reword something, because chances are it will end up sounding worse.
  • I have no life.

Pikmin Stuff

  • My record in Pikmin 1 is 12 days. I was all proud of it until I looked on the internet and saw that some people do it in 9 or 10 days.
  • My record in Pikmin 2 is 14 days. Mainly because I'm obsessive with grinding berries every time I see a Spiderwort and tend to finish the game with 20 or so of each spray left.
  • Once when I was playing Pikmin 1, a yellow that was carrying a pellet just put it down. I stared at it with Olimar and it picked it back up again.
  • I've never gotten a Pikmin turned into a Mushroom Pikmin, but I lose about 40 reds every time I fight the Puffstool because he pushes my pikmin through the floor.
  • I've never had the Waterwraith show up on me in Submerged Castle because I always haphazardly rush through that cave and lose more pikmin to enemies and hazards than I probably would if I took my time and the Waterwraith showed up.