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Hey, I'm JonlikesPikmin. I'm a fan of most games by Nintendo and admire the Pikmin series' unique gameplay mechanics and storylines. I also love the Pikmin series for how it treats the enemies scientifically like real creatures (such as explaining the different phenomena), this leads people to create different theories about the creatures to try and explain these unexplained things in Pikmin. I've seen people create small theories but I've also seen some huge ones as well, I love these interesting Pikmin things and ever since I learned from someone that the Japanese Pikmin creature descriptions were more tangible in the Japanese versions of the game, I immediately got interested in translating them. While I'm not fluent in any other sort of language besides English, I do take translating seriously... always trying to get every single chunk of info from the translations. Annnnnnnd that's pretty much it, thanks for reading.