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Hi im Kaine Williams AKA Kalitatyo as know on YouTube,

I loved Pikmin since i was 3 years old,

I first played Pikmin on the 18th of April 2002, I was 3 years old and I completed the game on the 24th of May 2002

I first played Pikmin 2 on the 6th of September 2005, I was 7 years old and I completed the game on the 7th of September 2005

I first played Pikmin 3 on the 26th of July 2013, i was 14 years old, completed on the 27th of July 2013

High Scores:



30/30 Ship parts in 9 days

Cleared in 32 days (realtime)

740 Pikmin sprouted

0 Pikmin lost

740 Pikmin remaining

PIKMIN 2: Sorry I have no photographic proof because my PIKMIN 2 gamecube disc won't read anymore, but I did write down what may results were back in 2009, so im going to have to replay the game (somehow anyway).

201/201 Treasures in 8 days

Cleared in 1 day (realtime)

3212 Pikmin sprouted

2003 Pikmin remaining

1209 Pikmin lost


PIKMIN 3 Record

66/66 Fruit and 66 Juices left in 33 days

Time: 27:44

Cleared in 2 days

1742 Pikmin sprouted

436 Pikmin lost

1306 Pikmin remaining