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Welcome To My Profile!

Heres some facts about me!

  • I love the "Pikmin" series
  • I'm a very good drawer
  • I wonder what will happen if "Angry Birds" meets "Pikmin"
  • I love VideoGames!
  • I love "Angry birds"

I'm bored so ill make a story and a Kirby Dance <(0 0<) <(0 0)> (>0 0)> Kirby Dance!

Steve: Doug did you eat my sandwich

Doug: I am your sandwich!

Steve: *SqUaEl* [[File:DownloadedFil.jpg|thumb|ITS STEVE!]]

Jake: Or are you are?

Doug: Am i?

Steve: I don't know

Doug: Well anyways

(Go's inside Steve)

Steve: *Gulp* Oh god that hurts...

Jake: You think he's okay

Steve: *Shrugs*

Doug: Well gotta wait until natures course comes sometime...if you know what i mean