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I am a huge Pikmin nerd.  I have even spent hours observing pikmin and creatures in the game! (I have found some things out about mushroom pikmin that I don't think even the developers themselves know)  I am also a youtuber.  I know my videos aren't that good but they're getting better so please check out my channel by clicking the "my website" link above!  I have been waiting for Pikmin 3 since Pikmin 2 came out and have been checking the internet daily for a few years now.



Story: beaten

Ship Parts: 100%

Pikmin 2

Story: beaten

Treasure: 90%

Challenge Mode: 10%

Louie's Dark Secret: Not yet

Pikmin 3:

Story: beaten


Best Ending: Yes

Secret Memos: 10/10

Code/Video: 8554536398 / In the Wilds

Misssion Mode

Collect the Fruit: 80%  Co-Op: 10%

Defeat the enemies: 70% Co-Op: 0%

Boss Battle: 80%  Co-Op: 20% DLC Round 1: Not purchased

DLC Round 2: Not purchased

Louie DLC: Not released

      My Medals

Platinum: 1        Co-Op: 0

Gold: 0        Co-Op: 1

Silver: 8        Co-Op: 2

Bronze: 4        Co-Op: 1

Achievments of Note:

Pikmin 3 started and completed in seven hours on day of release

Contributions of Note:

None Yet

note: I'm planning to put my findings about mushroom pikmin with video proof