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Yooooooy there, i'm a random dude named Klemen702 on pedias wikis and bassicly everything, but you can call me Klem. I don't write much in these things because i don't know what to write... IDK i'll just state random facts: I'm a 14 year old male that was born and lived 99,997% of his life in Slovenia (the 0,002% is whenever i visited Italy, 00,001% when i visited Croatia). I am interested in alot of things, games, art etc. I have a DA account where i don't post much on (same name as here) i also play random steam games from time to time (also the same name as here).


Pikmin: Days completed best so far: 13

Ship Parts: 30

Pikmin born: 377? (New record gotten)

Challenge Mode:

Work In Progress.