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LE has entered the fray!


Behold! I, LE the Creator, have joined the Pikipedia! ^.^

Be sure to check out my Spore page!

A small taste of what I have to offer...

LE the Creator Information:
Gender: Male
Age: 16
Likes: Pikmin, Homestar Runner, Super Smash Bros., SPORE, slapstick comedy, reading, surfing the internet, drawing, creating creatures and worlds
Dislikes: Porn, excessive gore or swearing, racism, heavy metal or rap, drugs, political arguements, war, sexual references
Favorite Food: Cookies, cereal, and cheese pizza! It's the diet of epic heroes!
Favorite Color: Cobalt, along with varying shades of green, but I like 'em all, really.
Favorite Music: Videogame music! Dahahahaha! XP
Good Lord! It's a Speckled Bulborb! =O


This user has an army of zombies at his disposal in case of emergency.
This user has a SPORE account.
This user lost 0 Pikmin in his battle with the Segmented Crawbster.