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this is an account about my custom "lavender pikmin". it is a pikmin that scares enemies away but it takes more for bigger enemies like it takes more white pikmin to kill enemies when eaten except not killed. long story short: ghost. (get the refferance?) it also is light and quick with X-ray eyes like white pikmin. it can only bring dead dwarf bulborb kinds (dwarf bulblax too). although some enemies that are robotic are not scared and make other enemies not afraid either (untill killed). the onion needs to have the orb to use is speculated that if flowers touch bomb rocks and pick it. and are hard to get killed and have no ghost and after 7 game days respawn in the onion. they are with .7 of apower like, blues have 1 and reds have 1.5 and do scare pikmin slowing them down or killing them. it is a 1 in 3 chance they will die. they are able to get through purple flames and are needed to carry cursed items and can't be scared by enemies or others.

lavender pikmin