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Hello, i'm Lenny. I've been a fan of Pikmin since it came out and i look forward for any new games to come out.

My favorite type happens to be red Pikmin.

Artwork of a Red Pikmin waving.
A Purple Pikmin.

Blue and yellow pikmin don't have enough power for gameplay, so i usually move towards growing more red pikmin than the others. That would be great if they made orange pikmin appear in the third game. Orange being my favorite color would make it more interesting in my favor, but i do think green or brown or any other color would be great to have. Purple and white were good to add, but their scarcity makes things difficult. Perhaps extra onions are in order?

Purple Pikmin are brilliant fighters in the game though! I almost always use squads of 60 reds, 20 blues and 20 purples for almost every day in Pikmin 2.

My current record for beating Pikmin is 16 days, while Pikmin 2 took me 350+ days to complete. I wanted to grow and harvest Pikmin more than exploring. Pikmin 2 was my favorite game from age nine to twelve; I played everyday.

Creature #killed Pikmin lost