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So, you're probably wondering why you're looking at information about some random person who doesn't matter in the colossal melting pot of life. You might as well just press the "back" button now before you get bored to death. Now, for the small fraction of people remaining who actually want to know about me (you obviously have no taste), I'm going to put the small tidbits of info I can tell you.

Personal Life

I was born on Augst 15, 1991, in Saigon, Vietnam. I moved to California when I was ten years old, and I attended Oxford High School and am currently attending University of California. My first language is Vietnamese, but I am actually very good at Language Arts, and am one of the best in my class in English and Grammar.

About Me Online

Online, I am know as Los Plagas. Yes, that is taken from Resident Evil. I am an excellent writer, so you will see me do a lot of rewording to make things sound better. I used to stick around the "old" Pikipedia. Back then, I was a huge Pikmin fan, and I still am, so when I heard the wiki was moving to NIWA, I thought, Why not move too? So here I am now. I was insanely happy when I heard that Pikmin 2 Wii Edition was released in America, where I live. Seriously, Australia gets it but America doesn't?! Anyways, I was mainly happy because I don't have money to buy anything besides a Wii, so I was forced to stick with a Pikmin 1 Wii Edition. I used to suck incredibly badly at Pikmin 1, but I got better, so now I can complete it in a day.

Pikmin 3

Like most of us, I am quite excited about Pikmin 3's release. However, I am lacking the money to buy a new console; thus, I will try to put in what information I can salvage, but regret to admit that I will usually not be the first source of information regarding Pikmin 3.


For those of you who are active on social media sites, most prominent among them Facebook, you'll be pleased to know Pikipedia has a Facebook page! Here:

As you may or may not have gathered, a user known as Dark Lord Revan, the original founder of this wiki back when it was at Wikia, created this Facebook page. However, as is apparent, he quickly grew bored, and activity faded. With Dark Lord Revan's help, I am looking to become an admin on the Facebook page, and will be updating it with info about the wiki! Hopefully, this will make Pikipedia, as one of the lesser-known and perhaps more "niche" NIWA wikis, more active. I may be the catalyst of a flood of new users! I am not exactly where I'd like to be on the page as of yet, but Revan and I (well, mainly me; Revan's role of this is really to hand over my power) are working on it. If you'd like to become an admin on the Facebook page as well, leave me a message, including your Facebook details, and I'll do my best!