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I'm Luigi_Hero and I've been a fan of Pikmin since it first came out. I've completed Pikmin twice (almost 3 times).

I've waited for Pikmin 3 for a while and I'm excited to help out on the Wiki!

I've beaten both games twice and have had many ideas for Pikmin games.

Some ideas of Pikmin creatures I have below...

Dwarf Forest Bulborb

Dwarf Forest Bulbob - (Custom Made)

Oculus parilis

The Grub-dog family

Olimar's Notes: "This stealthy grub-dog has a knack for sneak attacks. The skin coloration allows the creature to blend in with other swamp foliage. This bulborb, unlike other dwarf bulborbs sleeps during the cooler months and get nutrients from the earth. Yet it still is carnivorous. Also, due to it's habit of eating large toadstools it is immune to poison."

Louie's Note's: "Edible. Though it's putrid smell never fades. I recommend many scented candles if served. Simmer the liver in garlic butter for about fifteen minutes before adding red peppers and Hocatate onion shavings."

Dwarf Dark Bulborb
Dwarf Dark Bulborb - (Custom Made)

Oculus Occulta Umbra

The Grub-dog family

Olimar's Notes: "The Dwarf Dark Bulborb is a rare grub-dog. They hardly show themselves to their prey. They sleep only during the winter days. They usually hunt in packs when young, though they hunt mostly at night you may encounter some during the day. The swampy odor hides their scent from it's pikmin prey."

Louie's Notes: "Inedible. Causes eruption in the bowels and increased amounts of gas."