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I started playing Pikmin at the age of 9, Pikmin was pretty much the game that started my gaming. It happened when we had a room mate and he had the first one, I tried it and loved it! When he left, he also left the game here on accedient(along with Zelda Wind waker and Mario Kart Double dash, he never called to have them back so we kept them), which at this point I'm thankful for. We then had to move to a new place where all 3 of those games were stolen[along with the ds I just got for christmas(which made me realley mad!!!! }:[ ) then I found out there was a 2nd one and I sort of obsysed over it for a little while, then I got it(WOOT!).

All in all, I ended getting the 1st one back as a B-day present from my freind and now I'm here for when the 3rd one comes out this year over the holidays!