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This is an article that is used to help players that need a strategy for beating an enemy safely. Keep in mind that these strategies are for the way I play the game. This means that these are most helpful for zero death playthroughs. I didn't really want to add thesee to the real pages because they may not be fitting. Anyone can always add these to the real pages if they want to. If anyone wants to suggest anything, please do so on the talk page. I hope these strategies are helpful. Mariotime315 Let's-a go! Purple Pikmin 3 Artwork 00.jpg

The following article or section contains guides.
The strategies presented may not be the only ones or the best ones.


Pikmin 2

Beady Long Legs

It is recommended to use a group of about 7 Pikmin. These Pikmin are preferably Yellow. Try to stay under the Beady Long Legs's "head" and away from the feet. Start throwing your Pikmin at it when you can, if you have Yellow Pikmin, as they can hit the head even if it isn't lowered. If you can't use them, throw the other types when the Beady Long Legs lowers its head. When you see it twisting its legs, whistle back the Pikmin. This means it is about to shake them off.

Pikmin 3

Burrowing Snagret

Burrowing Snagrets are easy prey for Winged Pikmin. Get as many Winged Pikmin as you can, use ultra-spicy spray, and finally swarm the creature's head. It should go down in about a second.

Plasm Wraith

Warning: the following text contains major spoilers.

It is recommended to have around 40 Rock Pikmin for this battle. Rock Pikmin are immune to the boss's stabbing attack and the Crystal Elemental Plasm. The Crystal Elemental Plasm can be easily smashed with the Rock Pikmin, while the others can be harmful to them. It is best to avoid the Electric and Water Elemental Plasms altogether, but if you can, you could even break the Fire one as long as you whistle the burning Pikmin back to your side. A smaller squad of Pikmin will help with avoiding attacks. Keep in mind that the Plasm Wraith can't stab the Rock Pikmin, but can still knock them over. The Pikmin will become idle until you whistle them back. Not as many Pikmin will be hit however, due to having less Pikmin. The Pikmin tend to get affected by Elemental Plasm hazards while idle, so be careful.