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Marx Wraith's page.....i know I know there's nothing here but It won't stay blank forever. Keep your eyes peeled because I like to make my user pages flashy! XD Marx Wraith 05:51, August 10, 2010 (UTC)

Marx Wraith's Rouge Gallery

Five of my most soul-scaring foes of Pikmin'

Numeral Uno reason I never completed my first save file,the Pikmanity ohhh the Pikmanity.
Higher quality scan of the Waterwraith concept art. Thanks, totalytaco!
Anyone who has played the game knows why he's here.
Artwork of a Gatling Groink.
When you're in a hole and hear this think stomping along you know you won't get to the next floor without having a tough fight
Artwork of a Spotty Bulbear from Pikmin.
They say to figure out their sentry path...but that doesn't do much good when you land right in the middle of said path. To top it off this Stalking Pikmin Gobbler has hungry little babies to make the situation worse.
Artwork of a Volatile Dweevil.
One too many times in My novice Pikmin Captain days I made the mistake of having my pikmin journey with me through seemingly empty routes only to have these little buggers drop from the ceiling en masse...the resulting explosions wiping out my brave little soldiers in the midst a blind panicked flight for safety. I have...more thana few harsh things to say about this one in particular.

Poor little guys

Five of the cutest critters I regret killing.