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Bronze Star medal.jpg[[Video:The Legend Of Zelda - We Are The Champions|300px|right]]Okay, I have justjoined this. This is new to me, and I'd thought I would join. I am a boy, and if anyone treats me like a girl... I like we are the champions. Okay so far this has been a good wikia, and have only disliked a certain page with bad words which I fixed.--An idle Red Pikmin from Pikmin.Kirbysig.jpg the master --MewFan128 14:52, 27 June 2009 (UTC)

to do

color my sig

work on enemie stradegies how to kill

find glitches

sleep... in odd locations, which led to 2 glitches where no. 1. the captain flies offscreen carried by whites and no. 2 the pikmin going in a circle.

talk on talk pages

Kirbysig.jpg This user has the power of Mews!

Any one who wants to can have a mew box.

What I have been doing

Yay! 250 edits!

Yay again! I fixed the bad style!

Yay again again! A game I've been waiting for is comming out right 2 days before my birth day!

Unbelivable!!!!!!!!! I'M A FEATURED USER!!!!!!!!

As a side note, if I'm gone for a while and a game came out recently, I'm probably playing that game.

Now I am stuck playing wizard 101, scribblenauts, and school.

What, did ya think I died?

I still am alive. But too much stuff to do...