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Note: I make a Pikmin card series. But only allies though :) Go to #Pikmin Cards to see the work I've done so far.

Uh, hi. I have rented Pikmin 2, and I love the game! I wanna buy it! Any ways, I'll be here to present my stuffs and my Pikmin Cards.

If we had a different appearance on Pikipedia, this what'd be me. NOTE: DOES SUX AND I DUNT KARE [1]

Also, last but not least (before the cards), I've made a site about Pikmin studies, but most of a lot of things are made up by me, or by other members. Link. I am Bullorb there.

Pikmin Cards

I got very Pikmin fan-ish here. I made cards for the different flowers of the Pikmin, and I even have Olimar and Louie, should I make the President? (tell me on talk page). Also, I'm not finished yet. I'll do White, Purple, and Bulbmin later.