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oh hey! im ninjapikmin346.

my favorite pikmin are white pikmin since they are fast and can posion enemies plus are resistant to posion and they can see underground.

i am recently new to the pikmin wiki and i recently got pikmin 2 and i was so excited :D

i like many different games too and pikmin is one of them

ideas for pikmin 4 (possibly)


when the Alph, Brittany, Charlie, and their new crew employee, Danny (the biologist that knows the enemies well and the new enemies as well), set off for research on PNF-404 the cosmic drive key was accidentally put in and the S.S. drake started to lose parts (might thing it's like the first pikmin game? keep reading) but when they crashed, no parts were left, they all broke apart into tiny pieces while the others got buried in the ground, so alph needs any types of minerals (decaying logs(which they called rotting fire magnet) ,fossils and other fossilized remains (which they called liquidifiable stone), and coal (which they called naughty gift) for fuel while you start off with 3 fuel cans,iron (which they called chameleon ore (since the ore starts out as brown then turns grey when smelted),gold (they still called it just gold ore though), and diamond (which they called clear valuable) for the base, expansion, and upgrades (there is also clay called soft stone which then turns to smash brick which takes 10 soft stones samples to create 1 (similar to red/purple spiderwort berries for sprays which are also back) and copper (which they call the 3rd sidekick (since for trophies/medals bronze (which i think it similar to copper) mostly means 3rd place), there is more but im not sure what else they use for building material though wood is only used as fuel)

new pikmin

fur pikmin (brown)

can resist freezing in very cold caves (note: it is almost supposed to resemble a grizzly bear in the form of a pikmin so it is more ferocious in battle than an blues, yellows, and reds)

attack damage: 2

when killed for a second, all it's fur will be lose revealing it's skin

fact: when a leaf, it's fur will be very short, when bud, it will be a little longer, when flower, it will be very hairy

grey pikmin

are faceless, yet can sense motion so it can go through a safer route (so they are the smartest pikmin)

attack damage: 1.75

are not resistant to anything but can dodge attacks better

fact: it is somewhat supposed to resemble slenderman since it's faceless with a greyish color (I know slenderman is pale, not grey)

new enemies


gliding swape (miniboss): (滑空ゴリラ/Kakkūgorira)

Danny's notes: gliding swape

labente fur (note: fur is a type of latin word)

snatchur family

Like most swapes, it scavenges for anything living or dead, but the unusual thing about it is the membrane that helps it capture prey thats alive without being seen, it is one of the 2nd most evolutionary creature on PNF-404, the most evolutionary creatures are both the gatling groink and the man-at-legs due to their both biological and mechanical componets, though it was the very firstcreature that was ever discovered that glides, though i am pretty sure i read about a creature similar to the gliding swape in a book about the fossils of a strange mammal-like creature that they named a parachute rodent, gliding swapes can be found in high places like trees and mountains.

attacks: swoops down on pikmin and even other enemies and takes it back to it's nest, similar to the breadbug, the giant breadbug, the bugeyed crawmad, and the hermit crawmad, which takes food to their nest

gliding swaplings: (滑空若い/Kakkūwakai)

Danny's notes: gliding swaplings

labente prolis

snatchur family

The younger form of gliding swape acts almost like the mature version since most of it's traits are inherited traits so they already know how to capture prey and how to build a nest, but it won't know how to move it's membrane up to grab airborne creatures or how to take poison out of it's favorite food, rainbow leaf until they mature into their adult or adolescent stage.

attacks: same as the gliding swape


decorated cannon beetle (the adult) (ファッション大人/fasshonotona)

Danny's notes: decorated cannon beetle

granitus splendidis

lithopod family

The mature version of the decorated cannon larva, it has adapted it's shell to have eye markings and wings, it is the only known lithopod to have wings. Though also one of the most agressive by blasting boulders in middar and having them go as magnectic and go after anything closest to it besides the decorated cannon beetle, though it is so strange how it is beautiful on the outside but damp on it's abdomen.

attacks: chucks homing boulders, when crashes it can crush pikmin.

(arctic cannon beetle is coming soon)


nectar spectre (保有蜜鬼/Hoyūmitsuoni)

Danny's notes: nectar phantom

nectar mentietur

falsiniouse family

This rare parasite is camoflauged for it's prey to touch it first and then eats them, revealing it's true form, though yet, it has an extremely hard time moving. so it learned a symbiotic relationship with the nectarous dandelfly when they get consumed by it, they get mobile travel while the nectarous dandelfly gets energy without eating a single bit of nectar for at least 10 or more years, as long as the nectar spectre is still alive, so is the dandelfly, though thought to be an animal... it is actually a ghost that possessed a drop of nectar, which is how this beast earned it's name.

seedsect (種子の殻/Shushinokara)

Danny's notes: seedsect

animalis flos peur

falsiniouse family

As this is the only one of two falsiniouses that aren't carnivores, the other being it's mature stage, the counterfeit posy (which losely resembles a pellet posy), as it cracks, it'll turn to a goopy matter that molds to a seed again leaving it's old shell behind, for creatures to forage, yet they aren't fully carnivores as they get a disease only they can get from the puffstool, turning them into complete carnivores known as wilt weeding and it stays in larval stage for it's entire life, unlike the counterfeit posy which has an extremely perfect immune system which doesn't  make it sick from the puffstool's spores


colossal icemini


(dannys notes are just gonna say: very little is known about this giant, it is considered more of a cryptid instead of a creature.)

my notes: This giant incases itself in ice, waiting for it's prey in the cave hidden in the polar tundra (see areas to learn more [areas are coming soon), though yet if it finds itself in defeat, it'll explode into a cloud of cold, thick fog.It usually feeds off the souls of offspring when unattended rarely. And once it leaves, it rewards you with one wish. Yet, strangely it likes a taste sensation more than anything...


cold winds: The cold winds play a role in the polar tundra and in snow caves, it also comes from creatures such as the frozen pipecog (coming soon), which freezes pikmin (except brown/fur pikmin) and makes them vunerable (similar to the way electricity works)

magnetism: strangely same as crushing but can also bring yelloy pikmin with the magnetism due to the high energy. it can also pull heavy things to crush pikmin and somehow... it can be triggered on and off.