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What's up my troops, this is PikPikPk! You may know me from my YouTube channel PikSylBits. Here's some things about me: my real name is Brandon. i'm a HUGE Pikmin fan, it is my favorite videogame series of all time and is what made me the gamer I am today. I am a gamer with the dream to game with a community of people who share my interests and I wish to record let's plays of my favorite games and be the very well known Nintendo gamer I am. Videogames plays a BIG role in my life and I want to make ideas for my very own games. My favorite game genre is role-playing; I feel like role-playing games are the best kind of games story wise. EarthBound, Xenoblade Chronicles, Final Fantasy are examples of role-playing videogames I enjoy. So I have a long history with Nintendo and it's games and it keeps me flowing with inspirational ideas for games of my own. I am active almost all the time so feel free to contact me. I am very confident on what 2015 will bring!