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Pikmin 3 ideas.

new Pikmin: (Old ones are kept)

Orange: power, These can burow under ground and can dig up hidden treasure. Distinguishd by, A big dark orange spot on their forhead. Olimar's note says that it glows while under ground

Light blue:Power, freezeing properties on contact with enimies and can walk on water by freezing it. Distinguished by, Is small, has big eyes(Which makes it rather cute) and fur.

Green: power, bulbmin form and can take over enemies for a period of time to take the gaurd down of enemies of the same species. distinguished by, have sucker like thinges on their arms and feet.

Pink: power, are thrown farther and glide after thrown and can fly pikmin over chasms. Distinguished, have butterfly like wings on their backs.

Black: Power: have ninja like moves and can dodge enemy attackes(to a cerain exctent), can sense danger, and can climb certain walls.. distinguied by, Have a spike crown-like things around it's stem and serious looking eyes.

Story: (kind of Stolen)

A virus breaks out on the planet of Hocotate, but everyone has prepared for it, hiding in shelters. King Hoco X orders Olimar, Louie, and President Ishoy(pun off the name Yoshi from Super Mario) to go to Earth(Planet of Pikmin) to get 50 ingredients to cure the virus. You have unlimited time. Only 5 ingrediants are above ground. This game uses co-op play for three players, while the fourth can help trigger traps for eneimies. Olimar,Louie,and Prez Ishoy have to face bosses like, Emporer and Emperess bulbax: Betty-Long, man-at, ans fiery-log legs. Their shall be more enemies, some are esier, some are harder. Thier is one new boss named phantom. a misty like enemy that becomes solid, liquid, and gas matter, choose Pikmin wisely.

Changes from 1 and 2:

  • EVERY pikmin has an onion and Olimar calls the areas of landing, Pikmin Camp.
  • uses the Wii remote to throw, command, and order your Pikmin.
  • Has new "Pikmin Garden" similer to Sonic the Hedgehog's "Chao Garden". care, train, feed, and play with one of every Pikmin color.
  • All new enemies, story, places, and sprays and introducung... MINI GAMES!

this Pikmin game is super equiped with activiteis and fun stuff, a revolutinary pikmin game!