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Hello !

I'm Piki Blowhog, a Pikmin fan since 2005.

I can't wait for Pikmin 4... Please Nintendo, gimme a NDirect real soon! "

I've got the Olimar amiibo! Yes! At last, I have a Pikmin goodie! It's been so long since I wanted one!

I wish I'll be helpful adding some informations, mainly giving the French name for stuff.

Mission mode medals:

Collect Treasures:

All Platinum finally! \^^/

Defeat Enemies:

All Platinum for all! ^^~*

Boss Battle:

All Platinum but the Plasmwraith where I only have Gold. :)


Pikmin: Purple(in Pikmin 2)>Red>Rock>Winged>Blue>White(in Pikmin 2)>Yellow>White(in Pikmin 3)

Pikmin 1 Boss: Puffstool

Pikmin 2 Boss: Giant Breadbug

Pikmin 3 Boss: Scornet Maestro

Final Boss: Plasmwraith

Enemies: Antenna Beetles>Shearwigs>Fiery/Watery Blowhogs>Breadbugs

Area: Distant Tundra

LEAST Favorites

Pikmin : Purple in Pikmin 3

Pikmin 1 Boss: Burrowing Snagret (Stop! Hey, my Pikmin!)

Pikmin 2 Boss: Waterwraith (BWAAAAAAHHHHH HEEEELP!)

Pikmin 3 Boss: Sandbelching Meerslug (Noooo! Sunset when a sandball hits my army... Some Pikmin got burried but some were left behind...)

Final Boss: Emperor Bulblax (I don't like its theme...Also, EAT THIS BOMBROCK! STOP JUMPING EVERYWHERE! IT'S ALMOST THE END OF THE DAY! STOOOOP! DIE!)

Enemies: Bulbears (Oh no... Oh no, no, no!)>WOLLYWOGS!!!!!!!! (horrible in Pikmin 1)>Arachnodes (easy if you have Rock Pikmin, terrible if you have Winged Pikmin)

Area: The Forest Navel (Creepy... Water, fire, abysses...WOLLYWOGS!!!!!!!!!)

My new enemies

Plunging BN.jpg

Plunging Burrow-Nit

Burrow-Nit Family

Trilobitins Fluctua

Exploration Note:

This creature hides in the water, waiting for a prey. When some Pikmin walk near the water, the Burrow-Nit jump out of it, creating waves who drown Pikmin, and catch one of them. It should be attacked from the side with Blue Pikmin because its back is protected.

Olimar's Note:

The Plunging Burrow-Nit has no gills and breaths underwater thanks to the air bubbles it transports in its shell. Like many Burrow-Nits, it is perfectly adapted to its environment.

Louie's Note:

Get rid of the shell, and put the body in boiling water, along with bones and herbs to compensate for the lack of flavor. After an hour, get it out of the water and use a kitchen knife to make slices out of it. Serve it along with a Zest Bomb, and to your forks!



Arachnorb Family

Pseudoarachnia Vehiculis

Exploration Note:

This fearsome creature is a Man-at-Legs who has found some mechanical pieces, and made copies of them adapted to its size. The motors on its sides can shoot toxic gas on the ground. When it opens, it reveals a flamethrower which attacks at medium range. It can also move very fast, crushing Pikmin on the way, however, it is possible to lure it into deep water, destroying its first two weapons.

Olimar's Note:

This mysterious creature is a subspecie of the Man-at-Leg that seems to have put custom mechanical parts on its own body... How it managed to do that is still unknown, but it's an extremely dangerous specimen with a multitude of weapons. Weirdly enough, Pikmin do not even seem to be scared by this terrifying beast... Despite all the time spent with them, I still wonder what goes on in their heads.

Louie's Note:

Inedible. Raises the adrenaline level at a critical point and causes to lose weight.