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Hello, I will try to add stuff. I own Pikmin 1 (GameCube) Pikmin 2 (New play control nintendo select) and Pikmin 3 (2.0). All American versions.

I edit on the Pikmin fanon and have a fangame called The Adventure of Pikmin on it. I'm Pikachu Me on Miivirse, MonsterPuss2004 on Minecraft and IndigoCobra57 on Steam and Playstation 3

Still waiting for the daily log they mentioned on stream.

P.S. I was fooled by the Ninteno Cinematic Univirse and Pik-Min. Der.

To do: Add Stuff to this Wiki and stuff.
Care to do so?



Beaten: No

Smoky Progg: No deaths but ran out of time to beating

Goolix: Defeated once

Mandatory Bosses: Puffstool and(Sort of) the First Armoured Canon Beetle (got part did not defeat)

Ship Parts: Like half

Challenge Mode:Pretty good at it

Pikmin 2

Beaten: 50% debt

Treasures: like 50

Piklopedia: like 35

Challenge Mode: Beat level one with everything in 2 goes

2 Player Battle: Nothing really. Just checked derpy faces.

Water Wraith: Not Even Close

Pikmin 3

Fruits: All

Days:25 something in all fruit run

Mission Mode: First and 5th boss with Platinum

Bingo Battle: Killed it

Favorites/Least Favorites


Pikmin type: Whites, There useful (i don't sacrifice)

Boss: Raging Bloyster

Enemy: Jellyfloats

Nintendo&2nd party Characters: 1st Toon Link, 2nd Lucario, 3rd Boney,

Video Game Characters: 1st Heavy, 2nd Toon Link, 3rd Scout

Pikmin Game: Pikmin 3

Youtube Channel: GamingAllStarsGmod (Rated T/M I don't know how the system works)

Least Favorites

Pikmin Type: Pikmin fanons Cyan (to many cyan Pikmin)

Boss: Raging Long Legs (Joke)

Enemy: SkutterChuck (Joke)

Nintendo Game Characters: 1st Corrin 2nd Serena 3rd Calum

Video Game Characters: 1st Bayonetta, 2nd Corrin 3rd Serena

Pikmin Game: Smash Wii U (DIE SMASH WII U, I DESPISE IT)

Youtube Channel: The official Youtube channels. (The ones made by youtube themselfs.)


1. See if I have any purpose here. (This is a joke, I know I don't, I think) Pikifan4 (talk) 12:31, 28 January 2016 (EST)