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coming soon!

---Pikipickles 22:41, November 8, 2009 (UTC)--Pikipickles


i beat the game
green pikmin
Olimar has landed

Hello peoples i am the piktastic pikipickles any way i was thinking about ideas for pikmin 3 for instance the parasites aflicting the bulbmin would be revealed, olimar would get back the dolphin, green pikmin,brown pikmin, and black pikmin would also be revealed plus olimar would be able to travel from earth to hocotate whenever visiting areas such as the zoo with is filld with all the cretures encunterd in both pikmin 1 and 2 (safley locked in cages of course), the museum witch is filled with all the treasures he found in 2, and of course hoctate enterprices.  also olimar would take 3(leaf bud flower) of each kind of pikmin ( only one of mushroom ) and put them in an artifical onion and keep them as pets. Also the cyan pikmin( And the other colors as soon as i could come up with ideas as what they could do) in the best ending in pikmin would not be easter eggs for instance the cyan pikmin would not be killed or damaged by supersonic sound sound waves(as for the other colors as flowers would turn to bud would turn to leaf witch would die and yellow pikmin would instantly die (due to their large ears) no matter what stage they are) plus they would be able to comunicate with each other through radio waves so if they were far apart if one is fighting an enimy the others (pikmin) would instantly come to help. Also i was thinking of platinum pikmin witch in their first stage the leaf would be replaced with an ore chunk the bud with a pearl and the flower with a diamond other charecteristics of this pikmin would be that it has all the powers of all the oth

soooooooo cute

er pikmin but it would be avalable in only one area. also pikmin three would include combonatios of the pikmin one and two areas, for instance the "distant" spring and the "perplexing pool" would make "the shallow lake". another new thing would be a new ship for instance the flare cannon for the rocket engine. i was also thinking about a new piklopidia that would pe split into catigories: Plants/Animals,Ships/charecters, Debug/areas. i also thougt of some new creatures: The imitation candy pop bud, the fetherd sephant, And more