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Hey guys, Pikman14 here!

Hello, my fellow Piks. I'm not really sure exactly how to introduce myself, but I guess I would start by saying that I'm really into Pikmin, which is why I joined. I've beat Pikmin 1 about six times, the sequel three times, and I have played Pikmin Adventure. I sent off a package containing my Pikmin 1 game box hoping to get a signature from its creator, Shigeru Miyamoto, on March 17th, 2013. Here's hoping it comes back!

My Pikmin Related Achievements

- I am ranked #10 on this the Pikmin Wiki!

- I have beat Pikmin 1 six times and Pikmin 2 three times.

- I have preordered Pikmin 3 and own a Wii U that I payed for myself.

- I own ten different Pikmin plush.

- I once cosplayed Olimar to an anime convention.

- I own both versions of the first game as well as the GCN version of the second. I also have Nintendo Land, containing Pikmin adventure.

Also Check Out

My friend, wooferwoof1

A person who posts videos on YouTube under the name Dazzreviews about Pikmin stuff, Dazzvideos

(I shall add more names to this list eventually)

Anyway, feel free to post on my talk page and enjoy the wiki!

Until next time, Pikman14 23:50, March 20, 2013 (UTC)