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Hello, and welcome to the account page of Pikmaniac, and for some reason you are here, so enjoy all i have to offer. (which isn't much.)

Who am I?

My real name is, well, why do you care? I have beaten pikmin 2 multiple times (over 10) and I decided to help other people who struggle to complete it (but i don't have the equipment to make a walkthrough, this is the next best thing). I have not been doing this for long at all (maybe a couple months at the most) and I cant wait for the release of pikmin 3.

What I do

All i do to help out Pikipedia is elaborate descriptions and fix messed up descriptions. I have no camera so i can't do pictures.


Pikmin (I beat it only once and then I lost it, once I find it I will post my records)

Pikmin 2

Days: 12 (i cant speedrun)

Pikmin lost: 0 (YAY)

Total pikmin produced: 238 (i think, this is all from memory, individuals that game were: R:10 Y:15 B:20 W:63 P:130)

Red pikmin produced: 10 (It deducted 5 from my final count of red pikmin)

Yellow pikmin produced: 15 (once again it deducted 5, and also, if you turn a pikmin into a different color, it will have never have the first color, luckily)

Blue pikmin produced: 20 (the 5 deduction stopped here, shame, i wanted it to be 15)

White pikmin produced: 30 (I'm pretty sure that if you turn all of your red, blue, and/or yellow pikmin, your onion will make one more, so the minimum for them is 1)

Purple pikmin produced: 100 (if you want to you can reduce white and purple to 0 by missing a treasure, turning them into other colors, and going back to get that treasure