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Hey there all you pikmin loving brothers and sisters. i, pikmin3'sbiggestfan is here to love all that is pikmin espeshaly the new hit(in my opinion)pikmin 3!!!!!!!!  Also i will be adding new pikmin 3 clips on my profile[[File:Pikmin 3 - 1 Introduction (WiiU)|thumb|right|335 px]]

[[File:PiKMiN 3 (with Olimar) - Another new 5 Minutes Web footage ピクミン3|thumb|right|335 px]][[File:Pikmin 3 - E3 2013 Stage Demo-0|thumb|right|335px]][[File:Trailer Pikmin 3 - Overview Trailer|thumb|right|335 px]][[File:Nintendo Direct JP Pikmin 3 - Story Mode Gameplay|thumb|right|335 px]]