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I love the Pikmin games.(of course) I love playing games, drawing, and looking on this wiki.Also I have completed a 15 day Pikmin run. If you guys have done faster please let me know.I have just completed my 32 Day completion of Pikmin 2 for getting all of the important treasures first. Also, if you guys have any ideas for me to do, please send me your ideas and thank you for giving me them. I also did a no treasure gauge run. (I've done quicker then 32 days. It was like 11 days)I can not wait till Pikmin 3! :)

Pikmin 3 Revelations!:)

I discovered 2 new glitches. Both of them in Pikmin 2 here's the first on: At Wistful Wild, when I was reconstructing the bridge i threw a Blue Pikmin and it went on the bridge and started to make it while moving at the same time until it met the bridge. The final on is super quick enimies: at the end of the day an enemy may get stuck and start wiggling 2X as fast and like the Gratling Groink and Decorated Cannon larva they fire 2X as fast. So if you think I should put these on the Glitches page please let me know. Also, I encountered the Pikmin attacking animation Glitch after I killed a Swooping Snitchbug right by the Blue Onion. I just got Pikmin 2 (New Play Control!) I was getting the first globe and my Pikmin teleported back after bringing the treasure to the Pod.I don't want to accidently mess something up so if there is a lot of people telling me then i will add. (also please send me something on how to add things other than fixing them.)(sorry for all of the long sentencing.)   I also encountered the pikmin in the bridge glitch but he was a SURVIVER. He was a Trooper, Bob the Yellow Pikmin may he be a trooper for Pikmin lore...forever.

Dear Captains

I in homeroom today thought of a couple revelations for the unknown Pikmin.  1. The unkown pikmin could be called Bug Pikmin. Because there is Rock Pikmin and it would make more sense. 2. Also thoughs of you who played Pokemon should understand this. Rock beats Bug Bug beats Grass Grass beats Rock Sooo could there be a grass Pikmin? There's one more reason. I read that the unkown pikmin has compound eyes and insectoid wings. So it makes more sense that it could be called Bug Pikmin

And that concludes my revelations for tonight, 12/19/12 PikminMaster771 

It makes sense why Nintendo is only having 3 captains. 1st. Pikmin 1 had Olimar ( 1 captain ), then Pikmin 2 had 2 captains that were playable at one time, and finally Pikmin 3 then there are 3 captains.

Pikmin 1 Olimar 1 (3 Pikmin) 3

Pikmin 2 Olimar and Louie + President 1/2 of the game (3 + 2 Pikmin = 5) 2

Pikmin 3 Alph, Brittany, Charlie (as of now) 3 (3 + 2 + 2 + ? Pikmin  = 7 maybe 8 Pikmin) 3 ???



I say we make a Wollywog Extermination Campaign. WEC. (started June 1st.) So I was playing the first Pikmin (for the sake of the 3rd game) and I was going for the Gluon Drive and that one Wollywog by the tree stump and grey rock barrier. So I swarmed it and the next thing I knew 60 of my 100 Blues.....GONE. I was furiated, when I went for 7 days with a minimum of 13 deaths. I was like "I'm do'in really well I think I can beat this game with minimum deaths." 13 seconds later SMASH. 100/100/431->40/40/371 I was thinking "you son of a toad you're gonna die for what you did to my children." 

I'm going to ask you guys to challenge yourselves and kill as many Wollywogs as you can for the month of June.

Put it on my Talk page and I will grant you the WEC Badge of Honor for the highest kills of Wollywogs. (IT ONLY COUNTS FOR NEW FILES THOUGH!) Thank you for participating in the Wollywog Extermination Campaign and remember have fun doing it.