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Hi! I'm Pikpik carrot. I AM JUST CRAZY ABOUT PIKMIN!!!! I also have to say that I'm new here. I have to say that my favorite Pikmin is the Purple Pikmin! It's heavy, and I AM pretty heavy (in my opinion). My favorite enemy is actually the Spotty Bulbear. I dunno... the Bulbear... Well... I just like it!!!



Umm... Pikmin first entered my little mind when I was at the Toys R Us barber shop, (yes, I'm a kid still... now...) and they had games to play while you were waiting! One of them happened to be Pikmin! So I looked it up, learned about the Pikmin, and convinced my daddy to buy me a game. Then I got pikmin 2... OKAY! Well next subject... Oh yes... WHY WON'T THEY MAKE PIKMIN 3!?!? Please go on my discussion page to sign a petition to MAKE PIKMIN 3!!! Thank you!

EDIT: Pikmin 3 is announced!!! I can't wait to get it (next March....). Let's count down to March 09!!! AND PIKMIN 3!!! WOOT!!! Eh... sorry for my lil' OUTBURST there... :P


Here's a link to a fan art of Pikmin 3 box art! (Not real.)