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About me

Hello, I'm Private Eye, and welcome to my user page. I first joined Pikipedia in February 2019. You are likely to find me reverting vandalism and other inappropriate edits all over Pikipedia. I create some content, although my articles tend to be stubs, but anti-vandalism work also introduces me to various other types of articles, which is certainly not a bad thing. Occasionally I do gnomish work too, fixing grammar, adding refs and stuff like that. I do appreciate constructive feedback, especially if I make a mistake, so you are most welcome to visit my talk page.

Types of jobs that I do on Pikipedia

I also am a friendly user. I like to welcome new users that have recently contributed to this project, as it is a polite way and an appropriate idea to do so. I also like to either expand articles, fix grammar by also improving dead links or spelling mistakes, add an unreferenced template on a certain article if they have no reliable sources or does not meet notability guidelines, tidy up articles, if needed and also revert vandalism and spam by watching on the look out for my prey via the recent changes. Why vandalize Pikipedia, when you can become a contributor instead?


Feel free to contact me via:

  • My talk page
  • Email or send to or Use either email, I will still get a sudden notification, as I will definitely receive it. I do not have a discord account yet, but I may do so in the near time future, perhaps.
  • Instagram: @x_Dove_Rose_Smith_3
  • YouTube: Dove Windsor

Articles expanded/created/cleaned

(I have been on Encyc since August 2019)

February 2019